The substantial grounds include woodlands, orchards, river frontage and fields, with richly varied hedges, a large pond and massive old trees.

The Fields

The field map shows the layout, with the house central to the 19 acres surrounding it. Large parts have been planted with native broadleaf, especially Ash which will be ready to coppice for fuelling the log boiler in a few years. The new plantings adjoin and connect old-established woodlands on and next to the property. There is species-rich wetland too, and walnut orchards planted about 12 years ago, with substantial trees already bearing crops.

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The Woodlands

The old woods are rich in Oak and Ash, and there are even Elms in some field boundaries. There’s abundant Holly too, as well as any amount of Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Hazel understorey. The wetter parts have Alder and Downy Birch, while Wild Cherries occupy stands near the river. The managed and planted parts are designed both to provide sustainable fuel and to offer glades and paths for quiet enjoyment.
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The River

There’s a long stream leading down to the 200m of heavily wooded riverbanks. Snowdrops and bluebells appear in great drifts early in the year, and on a still day the sound of the river reaches all the way up to the house.

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